Nexus 7 Head Unit Installation – Part 8 – Tethering

Voice and Internet Integration So I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it in any of the earlier posts, but I set out to have my headunit function as fully-featured as possible… without […]

Nexus 7 Head Unit Installation – Part 4

Nexus 7 + OBDII + Torque = ??? This was something I wanted to try out after watching some YouTube videos about Torque Pro in action. I figured my new […]

Nexus 7 Head Unit Installation – Part 1

Decided to Switch My Head Unit… I finally have a car with nav in it (coming from my BMW 135i without it) and… I’m not satisfied. I feel like driving […]

Interior – Bluetooth Audio & Loose Wires

Getting Started My TT RS didn’t come with bluetooth audio, and listening to the radio isn’t really an option for me. Radio reception is almost always garbage, and turning up […]