Build Progress

Build Progress Breakdown This is just a snapshot of the build progress as of right this moment (December 20th, 2015). For the most up to date build progress, check the […]

Nexus 7 Head Unit Installation – Part 5

JoyCon + Enfig For my headunit installation, I wanted to make sure that I could preserve my steering wheel controls. They’re a huge convenience and it’s not like I’d be […]

Nexus 7 Head Unit Installation – Part 4

Nexus 7 + OBDII + Torque = ??? This was something I wanted to try out after watching some YouTube videos about Torque Pro in action. I figured my new […]

That’s A Wrap!

  That’s a Wrap! Okay, so that’s the cheesiest header I could think of. I’m proud to present the hard work of Paul Samuel and Steve Shearer over at Premier Wraps. […]

A Wrap In Progress

  A Wrap In Progress At the time of writing this, I actually have my car back in my garage… But I figured I’d share some awesome shots of when […]

Stock Rear Lights & Bulbs

Background First post and it’s not all that exciting, so my apologies. This is my first Audi (coming from BMW) so I have a lot of exploring still to do. In […]