Nexus 7 Head Unit Installation – Part 2

Nexus Has Arrived! Alright! So I got my next delivery from Amazon which contained my Nexus 7! This was the big missing piece that was preventing me from starting anything cool. […]

Nexus 7 Head Unit Installation – Part 1

Decided to Switch My Head Unit… I finally have a car with nav in it (coming from my BMW 135i without it) and… I’m not satisfied. I feel like driving […]

That’s A Wrap!

  That’s a Wrap! Okay, so that’s the cheesiest header I could think of. I’m proud to present the hard work of Paul Samuel and Steve Shearer over at Premier Wraps. […]

A Wrap In Progress

  A Wrap In Progress At the time of writing this, I actually have my car back in my garage… But I figured I’d share some awesome shots of when […]

Time For A Wrap!

Wrap It Up! Last Thursday I pulled the trigger on the first big mod for Ignantt: A wrap in 3M matte red. I had shopped around locally at different wrap shops […]

Interior – Bluetooth Audio & Loose Wires

Getting Started My TT RS didn’t come with bluetooth audio, and listening to the radio isn’t really an option for me. Radio reception is almost always garbage, and turning up […]

Stock Rear Lights & Bulbs

Background First post and it’s not all that exciting, so my apologies. This is my first Audi (coming from BMW) so I have a lot of exploring still to do. In […]