Shoot With Alex Lakatos

Alley Shoot

The other day I got together with Alex Lakatos and let him work his magic with the camera for a little shoot with Ignantt. We met up over at Fairview Mall and tried to figure out where exactly we’d shoot. Alex suggested cruising down King Street back toward downtown Kitchener and maybe scope out an alley way for some cool shots. So… that’s exactly what we did!

Once we got around Bobby O’Brien’s, Alex recalled a cool alley behind the strip of buildings off of one of the side streets. We pulled around there and found a cool little spot. The weather was pretty overcast, but we got pretty lucky to get all the pictures we wanted before getting hit by the crazy rain storm that followed. It was also pretty great to start with some brighter pictures and see some darker ones as the night progressed for some variety.

Give him a follow on Instagram and stay tuned for more of his photography! Sounds like he’ll be getting a bit of a jump start on some of his portfolio too. It was awesome to work with him because he was not only creative, but he would always propose options and ideas for what we could do. He was also more than willing to explain any questions I had about what exactly was going on with all of the fancy camera business that was going over my head, so it was great for me to try and learn along the way. I’d be more than happy if Alex wanted to shoot my car again at some point in the future!

And so without any more rambling, here are some of my favourite shots from the night!










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