(Almost) Spring Shots

It’s Almost Spring…

So that means it’s time to get the cars out! Took advantage of the relatively warm weather to get out and get a good wash in. I cruised around for a little bit and snapped a few pictures to show off Ignantt.

One of the best things about creating Ignantt has been that it’s a great conversation starter. I had the opportunity to have a few quick chats with strangers, and it’s great to just have totally friendly interactions with people. I find it’s not something that happens that often anymore, so when I get the opportunity, it’s actually kind of refreshing.

Here are some of the shots from earlier in the day:

Spring Shots - Driver Side
Driver side still wet… begging for some new wheels.


Spring Shots - Rear Driver Side
Driver side from the rear still wet. RS rims looking pretty clean.


Spring Shots - Front Driver Side
Driver side from the front because… Gotta get the Ignantt plate in there.


Spring Shots - Passenger Side
Passenger side still wet… Slightly different lighting.


Spring Shots - Money Shot
The money shot! This is my favourite angle of the car.


Spring Shots - Trunk Setup
Finally got some sunlight in the trunk to show off what it looks like (left tank is red… but that sun is doing some serious work on it). Awesome work from Chopshop!

And Later That Evening…

I went into WRAP (the guys that did the vinyl wrap on my car) to pick up a few cards and hang out. Figured I’d snap a couple shots of Mellow Yellow (which I sat in to hear the sound setup… and holy shit is all I can say). Car is looking totally awesome as always.

Spring Shots - Mellow Yellow Trunk Setup
Alpine everything. Having personally owned those PDX amps… I can say they are totally awesome.


Spring Shots - Mellow Yellow
And Mellow Yellow looking snazzy as usual.

And finally some clips of the squad on their way out!

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