Slammed by Chopshop

First off… After busing around for a week and not having a car, I am totally pumped to have my car back. But what’s better than getting Ignantt back? Getting it back after Kevin from over at Chopshop had his hands all up in it!

I had the pleasure of working with Kevin from Chopshop for my air suspension install. If you’ve gone through his Instagram account, it’s quite clear that he’s awesome at what he does. Now Kevin isn’t totally local to where I am (i.e. I can’t just walk or hop on a bus to get to his shop) so we did most of our communications over text message and facebook chat. I think from the very beginning Kevin and I were on the same page for what I was going for, but it was a pretty painless process to go through.

Initially, I presented Kevin with a few constraints:

  • Don’t consume ALL of my trunk space, because I’d like it to be functional
  • Symmetry is one of my best friends
  • Keep extensibility in mind so if I want to do an audio install later I don’t need to rip everything out
  • Budget.

Right away Kevin was able to send me back a few examples of trunk layouts. Here’s a different option than the finished product that shows the tanks on the side of the trunk but laying flat. In this option, the tanks would have been inset to the floor:

Slammed by Chopshop - Tank Layout

For me, the layout was between this and what Kevin went with in the end. The best part is, I just told him what I liked and didn’t like and gave him creative freedom the entire way through. A couple of exchanges happened regarding colour and theme, but for the most part, I just trusted Kevin to do his best work… And did he ever!

Slammed by Chopshop - Trunk Install

Slammed by Chopshop - Trunk Install

And finally, a couple more shots of the car being completely slammed to the ground:

Slammed by Chopshop - Front Plate

Slammed by Chopshop - Front Angle

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