Nexus 7 Head Unit Installation – Part 3

Nexus 7 Head Unit Installation – Part 3

Pimpin’ The Head Unit

Okay so I spent more of my day playing around with the Nexus as a head unit for my car. One of the things I tried to do was lay out a few screens with Nova Launcher Prime that I think will comprise of the bulk of my activities while in the car:

  • Home-screen
  • Media
  • Navigation
  • Torque gauges
  • Communications

For what I have available right now, I was able to get something for the home screen, media playback, and something basic for communication. I’ll spend more time seeing if I can get torque widgets (and a quick google shows this!) up and running. I’d also love to have a nova launcher screen around navigation, but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to drop widgets for MapFactor onto a home screen. That seems a bit crazy to do. As far as communications, right now I just have  a listing of messages from Tablet Talk, but I’d like to do some sort of contact list + call log + dialer stuff as well.

I also spent some time digging around for some icons so that I could theme my apps of choice to be something red/black like the theme of my entire vehicle. I came across a pack that I liked and started swapping stock icons from the apps in favor of these ones. I was also able to customize a few widgets to get a similar color theme going on.

Here’s a shot of my media screen with PowerAmp (I’d like to see about some playlist options in the future):


Nexus 7 Head Unit Installation – Part 3

Edit: I can’t get a shot of my communications screen up… WordPress keeps giving me an “HTTP Error” (nice and descriptive) when I upload… So I’ll try again another time.

What’s Up With Tasker & AutoVoice?

I also spent a good chunk of my day playing with Tasker and AutoVoice. Here’s what I learned:

  • Running AutoVoice in continuous mode on my tablet makes it keep beeping… Even when I use the mute options (and toggle between system/media). As a result, I’ll settle for a discrete input button for giving voice commands that you can see on my home screen… The little mic!
    • NOTE: when I get my steering wheel controls all hooked up, I’ll see if I can hook up a button from the wheel to toggle this listening mode.
  • I have voice commands that run through Tasker and AutoVoice to navigate to home an to work
    • I’ll probably bake in a few more common POIs that I have (like my parents’ house) now that I have this functionality
    • I started to give some thought to something like “I’m going to the gym” that would kick off some heavy metal in my car and maybe say something funny like “Time to get Swole!” or something.
  • AutoVoice via Google Now is unnecessary for what I’m trying to accomplish. My little homescreen button is totally sufficient and more straight forward for me via Tasker anyway.
  • I spent a while seeing if I could make a “Find nearest gas station” tasker thing to trigger MapFactor… Doesn’t seem to cut it.
    • Maybe I can use google maps to find the location and then have it navigate via MapFactor? I’ll have to see.

I’m definitely getting more familiar with Tasker and AutoVoice. Now that I have AutoVoice in a state that I like, I’m hoping I don’t have to touch it again. Now it’s just time to learn more about what I can do with Tasker!

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