Nexus 7 Head Unit Installation – Part 2

Nexus 7 Head Unit Installation – Part 2

Nexus Has Arrived!

Alright! So I got my next delivery from Amazon which contained my Nexus 7! This was the big missing piece that was preventing me from starting anything cool. My goal for the weekend is:

  • Get my tablet configured so that I can start to play with apps on the device
  • Get a plan together for mounting the tablet in the Enfig bezel

I wanted to try out some OBDII apps on Android now that I have the tablet, but my car went into Chop Shop to get my air suspension installed. I’ll have to wait about a week to actually try out Torque on my tablet.

Getting it Configured…

This was my entire Friday night… I only took breaks to hit the gym, walk the dog, and eat food, and I was up til about 4am! It should have been much easier, but it was my fault for not totally following instructions. I did a write up over at DevLeader (my blog on software things) on how I got the whole thing set up to use Timur’s kernel, which is required to make the tablet charge and be a USB host at the same time.

I spent the better part of today playing with different applications and such, so right now it’s looking like I’ll be running with

So unfortunately as I mentioned I haven’t been able to actually use Torque yet because my car isn’t around… And the same thing goes with MapFactor for actually navigating. The UI seems decent for MapFactor, and I’ve played with a few of the APIs so I think I can leverage tasker to do some scripting later on.

I went with PowerAmp based on user reviews, cost, and # of downloads. Seems like a top pic in the store, and I was willing to shell out a bit of money for the software on my head unit. I’ll try it, and if I don’t like it in the car, then I can always try a different one out.

I went with Nova Launcher because I use it on my phone and really like it for layouts. I paid for the prime version, and once I installed it, I didn’t really notice any difference at all. Oh well… Again, I was willing to pay for the software on my head unit to get it to where I want it to be.

I spent all day playing with Tasker to see if I can do some cool automation… It’s still really new to me, but I think there’s a TON of cool stuff I’ll be able to do. Based on some of the other installs, it also seems like some stuff will be required to do through Tasker to make the Nexus 7 work properly int he car.

I Wonder If I Could…

Here’s a little list of things I was pondering after playing with Tasker for the day:

  • Need to find a way to press a button (on the steering wheel or third party controller?) to activate AutoVoice for voice commands
  • Use AutoVoice to navigate to:
    • Home
    • Work
    • Parents’ house
    • Girlfriend’s house (… Gotcha! I don’t have one of those)
  • Can I build some audible text message reader just like Android Auto has?
    • How the heck can I get texts from my phone to my Nexus?
  • Can I get my phone to stream music/video to my Nexus?
  • Can I get my Nexus act as a Chromecast receiver?
  • Can I use voice commands to start recording via a dash cam? (think of all of those crazy videos of people driving in Russia!)
  • Can I get my car to greet me when I start up?
  • Can I get my car to speak to me when I arrive at particular locations? (i.e. “Welcome home!” or “Enjoy your day at work!”
  • How will I get phone calls properly routed through from the phone to the Nexus 7?

I think this list is only going to grow as I come up with weird ideas… Some will become necessity and others will be silly things that I find amusing. I’ll do write-ups as I find ways to actually incorporate these features.

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