Time For A Wrap!

Time to Get Wrapped!

Wrap It Up!

Last Thursday I pulled the trigger on the first big mod for Ignantt: A wrap in 3M matte red. I had shopped around locally at different wrap shops as well as contacted a bunch of shops over email to see what pricing and service is like at the various shops that offer vinyl wrapping. Not surprisingly, no shop out of town responded to email, so they automatically forfeit me as their customer. I imagine that business must be really good for them if they can actively refuse to respond to emails, so oh well. I had narrowed it down to two wrap shops in Waterloo: Premiere Wraps and Rocket Wraps.

I contacted both wrap shops independently to discuss what I wanted with their owners. Both shops were friendly and informative, offering up both technical knowledge and their artistic opinions on the work I was requesting. To boot, both shops offered competitive pricing, so I was actually able to remove that from the equation when making my decision.

Ultimately, I decided to go with Paul Samuel from Premier Wraps. I have nothing but good things to say about my discussions with Bevin at Rocket Wraps, but I believe that Premier Wraps was the right decision for my vehicle. I was able to see a lot of Paul’s work (including his own Rocket Bunny Lexus RCF pictured above) and I had heard plenty of great feedback from others that knew of Paul’s work.

Changing Direction

I took a while to work through getting the wrap because I was focused on the body changes I wanted to make to the vehicle. My goal was to transform this 2012 Audi TT RS into Ignantt: the R8-look-alike TT RS. This meant that I’d be scooping up front and rear bumpers from Caractere as well as some side blades to get that unique R8 look. It was what I had envisioned for the car all along.

Unfortunately, there was no guarantee from the manufacturer that the bumpers would fit on my vehicle. They were pretty confident, but not having the personal experience or the want to pay a shop just for the install meant that I opted out. For the front, it might have required pushing the intercooler back a bit to make things fit. After staring at the parts a little longer, it looked like the side grills on the front bumper weren’t actually taller than mine but rather just positioned higher on the bumper. In the end, I was kind of glad I saved some money from not getting the Caractere kit pieces, even if it was a bit of a detour from what I originally imagined.

The blades are still something I’m considering. Paul has offered to get them wrapped later if I choose to get them down the road, and LLTek has even mentioned they can get them in carbon fiber. There are at least a couple options there. Once I see the wrap job completed, I’ll think about the blades and how they play into the overall look and feel of the car.

Sit tight… Pictures incoming over the next few days!

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