Interior – Bluetooth Audio & Loose Wires

Getting Started

My TT RS didn’t come with bluetooth audio, and listening to the radio isn’t really an option for me. Radio reception is almost always garbage, and turning up garbage audio only results in noise. It sucks. So why don’t I just use the aux port? Oh yeah, it didn’t come with that either. Well, kind of. This TT RS came with an iPod cable as part of the Audi Media Interface (AMI). That won’t work too well with my Samsung Galaxy. So… to work!

I had to get ahold of the following things:

  • Really thin double sided tape (I think it’s 2-3mm wide)
  • My bluetooth Kinivo device (picked it up off Amazon for my previous car)
  • An 8mm “aux cable” for the AMI (also grabbed this from Amazon)

I only needed to get the aux adapter for the AMI to get up and running really… I already had the Kinivo sitting around. The tape was for–well, you’ll see.

The Next Problem

Okay great, so I got some tunes coming off my phone now! Except that I have this ridiculous set up where I have cables running from my cigareete lighter to my glove box, and from my glove box to near my shifter so that I can change songs. Here’s what it looked like:


There’s a whole whack of cables, right? I hate seeing cables running all over my desk for my computer, so having cables like this in my car is a nightmare.


The Kinivo unit sits on the center console, but it’s not wireless. The cables from the controls need to run all the way back up to the glove box where the AMI is.


And that’s where the cables meet up with the AMI in the glove box. So it’s livable… Sure. But I figured I could spend minimal money (Under $10 for a big roll of double sided tape) and clean it up a little bit. Ideally I’d hide the wires under the console, but I’m not quite read for this type of interior mod. Maybe later.

The Solution

Here’s where the double sided tape comes into play. So, this isn’t a super fancy interior mod or anything, but it was a really quick and cheap way to clean up the cables. If I decide to give my interior an overhaul later on, I’ll likely reconsider this. Here’s what a few snips of super thin double sided tape got me:


Extra bright so you can see any of the flaws. This is just a single piece leading up the center console. I got the wire pressed right up against the edge to keep it clean. It’s not hidden, but it’s definitely better. The next step is getting it taped where the two wires meet back up.


There! That’s looking a lot cleaner. Again, super bright so you can see any inconsistencies/flaws. From here, I got lucky because the wires could actually tuck under part of the dash as they go towards the glove box. Couldn’t have worked out better int hat regard.


And the final product (with my big roll of double sided tape)! Took me under half an hour and a few bucks… But I feel like it’s significantly cleaner. I explained this little job to my buddy while he was looking in my car and he didn’t even realize I had ran any wires up the center console. Works for me!

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